Metallic Silhouette

Torrens Valley’s Metallic Silhouette range is situated directly next to Falling Plates.

As the title eludes to, Metallic Silhouette is the discipline of shooting at a metal plate target in various shapes representing animals. Unlike falling plates which is restricted to higher calibers, there are specialised “thinner” plated targets designed specifically for the .22 caliber round. The larger or thicker plate targets typically require a .38 caliber and higher to knock down.

What’s addictive about this style of sport pistol shooting is the “instant gratification” of hitting and knocking down a target. You know instantly if you have a successful shot. But for every positive there are negatives and in this case, if you have trouble hitting your target, it can be hard to determine where the rounds are going. If this happens as a constant, it’s usually time to go back to a paper target for sighting purposes.

This is a great discipline with many and varied competition matches available to shoot, spanning many calibers. Have fun and stay safe on the range!