Air Pistol

Torrens Valley’s Air Pistol range was purpose built for this discipline

Planned and built over two years with the assistance from the local government. The Torrens Valley Air Pistol range was finally open for live fire in 2016. Since it’s opening, the range has had a few updates including improved lighting and video monitoring of the target so you can see up close in real-time how you’re performing.

The Air Pistol range is a standard 10 meters shooting length and provides automated returning paper targets. The targets sit on top of a frame that runs along some guided wired to automatically return your target for final scoring. This provides great safety and convenience to other shooters who can continue their match while another shooters target is being replaced.

The range is air-conditioned and also directly attached to the club rooms, so grabbing that all important lunch is easy. This is also great for spectators.